Hometable is for You


I am so glad that you found Hometable Community! The resources are open to everyone interested in traveling further on this road with God, but we had three types of people in mind when we create Hometable.

Those who CAN’T.

Some people want to explore their spiritual life but can’t make it to a worship service. Sometimes it is their work schedule; sometimes it is the kids’ schedule. Sometimes it is because the week has been so hard and so long, that the idea of getting up and getting dressed to go out somewhere seems totally overwhelming. I get it! Hometable is always open, so it always fits your schedule. You can access the talks, studies, or groups from the parking lot, your desk, or even your bed.

Those who WON’T.

Some people have been so hurt by faith communities that they cannot imagine entering a place of worship. Others feel that they would be un-welcomed or not fully included in a community because of who they are. Hometable Community allows people to explore what it means to be part of a faith community from a place where they feel safe. We are all on a journey together, but each of our journeys is unique. We come together as fellow walkers on the path; we are different, but not better or worse than anyone else.

Those who WANT MORE.

Some people have a faith community, but it is not meeting their current needs. They have a desire to know more or to go deeper as they explore their soul, but are unable to find resources in their church. Also, let’s be honest; some churches do not have the staff to be able to cultivate their congregation’s soul. Hometable Community can come beside you as you look for more in your spiritual journey.

If you are part of a faith community that you love that is awesome! Please continue to invest your time, money, and gifts there. But if you know someone who can’t, won’t or wants more we would love to have them be a part of our community!