Membership Community

Faith is not something that grows or develops in isolation. We must be a part of a community for our faith life to flourish. Hometable’s Membership Community is just that: a place for you to grow closer to God in the company of others. Based on the tradition of faith pioneer, John Wesley, who was known for gathering people into classes and asking the question, “How is it with your soul?” Our membership community helps people evaluate and deepen their spiritual life while offering encouragement, accountability, and assistance along the way.

Our membership group is not a bible study; it is not therapy; it is not for advice giving; the community exists to help each other on our spiritual journey.  

What you give: 

  • The cost of joining the membership community is $10 per month.  This is charged every quarter (so $30, four times a year).  You can cancel at any time, but there are no refunds for the unused months. Think of this as your normal offering in a church community.

  • You will set 1 goal that will help you deepen your relationship with God.  Once you sign-up, I will walk you through the process of creating a goal and will provide you with some guidelines and examples.  Also, I will review your goal to make sure it is achievable. I want you to succeed!

  • You will comment in your private accountability group at least two times per week.  One post will talk about how you are doing with your goal(s); one will be focused on encouraging one or more of the individuals in your group. 

  • You will respect the other members of Hometable and your Accountability Group by keeping your conversations confidential and by following our Hometable Community Rule.

What you get:

  • Membership to private group of 12-20 people who will encourage you in your spiritual goals

  • A moderator who will act as your pastor, coach, and spiritual guide. Erin Reibel moderates the membership community and each individual accountability group.  She will keep the groups focused, make sure that they are encouraging and offer support and direction to all the groups.  She will be available for private conversations as needed.

  • Weekly Zoom calls that will focus on different spiritual exercises, and time for any questions you may have that week.  You can watch these live on Tuesday or watch the posted recording at your convenience.

  • Special interest groups. Do you need to talk to someone in your specific age group about a challenge? Do you need support from other LGBTQIA+ Christians? Do you want to talk about the challenges of raising faithful children? Join or start a specific group for further encouragement.

  • Weekly prompts for you to discuss or think about with your group.  Each week there will be three prompts posted in your Accountability Group to act as discussion starters. At the beginning of the week, there will be a general question, centered around the spiritual exercise or the weekly Sunday evening message.  There will be a mid-week prompt focused on gratitude (gratitude is one of the core values for a full life, and it is at the heart of a worshipful life, so we spend a lot of time cultivating gratitude here at Hometable).  There will be an end of the week post focused on the question, “How is it with your soul?” 

The next round of Accountability Groups starts January 6.