The 1 Thing Superheroes and Genesis have in Common

I love a good superhero story. All good superheroes have an epic origin story. When I read Genesis 1 at the very beginning of the Bible, what I read is humanity's origin story. It is the story of how and why we were created. In each superhero story, the creator often leaves a mark on his or her creation. In the Spiderman movies, the spider creates the man. Spiderman is marked by the spiders own gifts and talents. In Genesis 1, God is first and foremost a creator, God creates and creates and creates. God calls life out of nothing; it is beautiful and amazing and good all at the same time.

At the core to create something is to give it life. To make the thing (the picture, the narrative, the business, the new teaching plan, the meal for your family) that is in your head come to life. You create a painting, a company, a meal and in the process you make it real and tangible, for everyone to see. God creates throughout the Bible. I see this most often in the way that God makes a new path when everyone else sees a dead-end. There is a long list of people this happened to (Noah, Sarah, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, the Hebrews, Naomi, etc.) but perhaps the most stunning example is in the life of Jesus. In Jesus, God creates an entirely new way for people to know about God.

So why does this all matter? It matters because God is still creating new stuff. God is always creating new paths. So when you feel at your end, when you are feeling tired, and lifeless, when you are feeling dead inside, know that God is always creating something new. Know that new life is just around the corner because that is what God does, it is part of God’s very nature and has been since before the beginning of time.

Erin Reibel